Our history

How it all began

Hotel Residence Würzburg - Geschichte

Our hotel originates from the old name "Zum Ochsen" wich was founded as "Roten Ochsen" as on of the frist guest-houses in town. Its first-time mention in a document was in 1231 and over the centuries we can look back on a colourful past.

It´s original name was adopted from the cattle marked that was right in front at that time. Back then the "Roter Ochse" was owned by the butchers guild wich was important among Würzburgs trade guilds. The house was used as hostel for the guild members.

The saga tells the story about how the butchers guild got the owner....

The saga

Hotel Residence Würzburg - History

Once upon a time there was a butcher on its way home to Würzburg. In the forest he met a group of henchman that had kidnapped a noble miss from her palace. The brave butcher rescued the girl and on her request he brought her to Würzburg and went at “Zum Ochsen” to have a meal with her. The rescued woman was so pleased and thankful that she bought the guesthouse and gave it the butcher’s guild as a gift. In the night of March 16 Würzburg was bombed.

In less than 30 Minutes British airplane bombers transform Wurzburg’s downtown into an inferno. After three days the fires stop and downtown Würzburg has only 7 buildings left intact. Würzburg faced the worst devastation after Dresden and Pforzheim. The picture besides shows the “Zum Ochsen” after its destruction in 1945.

Even until 1952 the imprint of devastation was clearly visible. The old furniture-store in front of the house had to be removed completely due to its massive damage so there was space to extend the Guesthouse with a new annex that hosts the “Joe´s Bar” today.

Present time

Hotel Residence Würzburg - Das Hotel heute

After the guesthouse „Zum Ochsen“ was bought by the Mohr Family, it was partly reconstructed, renovated and upgraded and finally reopened in 1992.